About the H2Art

The H2Art brainchild of the Swiss sculptor
Marc Moser. The exhibition project was realized in 2009 and 2010 in collaboration with the photographer Rainer Bolliger, the painter Hans Peter Marschner (2009) and the carpenter Stefan Philippi in Arbon, on the Swiss shore of Lake Constance. After the group dissolved. A further exhibition was organized in 2011 under the title H2Art by Philippi, however, was far from the original concept.
This website will continue out of respect for the artists, whose works are conjured for a short time a highlight on the lakeshore. Thanks, Marc Moser, Rainer Bolliger
All rights reserved by Rainer Bolliger. Especialy thanks for the background music to Davide Martello

List of Artists

Mario Boscardin, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Stefan Bucher - Twerenbold, Nebikon, Switzerland

Daniel Häfele, Flawil, Switzerland

Monika Hollenstein, Arbon, Switzerland

Johann Peter Kissling, Aarwangen, Switzerland

Ute Kledt, Konstanz, Germany

Dietmar Ludewig, Bern, Switzerland

Hanspeter Marschner, Arbon, Switzerland

Davide Martello, Konstanz, Germany

Marc Moser, Arbon, Switzerland

Natascha Moser, Arbon, Switzerland

Stefan Philippi, Arbon, Switzerland

Jörg Plickat, Bredenbek, Germany

Thomas Sonderegger, Arbon, Switzerland

Anita Städler, Arbon, Switzerland

Bruno Steiger † , St. Gallen, Switzerland

FAA ZONE Dancecompany, Winterthur, Switzerland

Claudia von Niederhäusern, Arbon, Switzerland

Maja Wagner, Bolligen, Switzerland

Christina Wendt, Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland